Scheme: CBCS

Semester: IV

Subject code: 17CS45

Credit: 3


Course Objective:

This course will enable students to

  • Outline software engineering principles and activities involved in building large software programs.
  • Identify ethical and professional issues and explain why they are of concern to software engineers.
  • Describe the process of requirements gathering, requirements classification, requirements specification and requirements validation.
  • Differentiate system models, use UML diagrams and apply design patterns.
  • Discuss the distinctions between validation testing and defect testing.
  • Recognize the importance of software maintenance and describe the intricacies involved in software evolution.
  • Apply estimation techniques, schedule project activities and compute pricing.
  • Identify software quality parameters and quantify software using measurements and metrics.
  • List software quality standards and outline the practices involved.
  • Recognize the need for agile software development, describe agile methods, apply agile practices and plan for agility.